A Feast for Fashion Bloggers: Showroom Shanghai Collaborated with LOOK for the “Special Favor”Exclusive Fashion Preview
On May 31 and June 6, 2018, Showroom Shanghai, in collaboration with LOOK, the largest fashion content platform in China, will hold for the first time the “Special Favor” Offline Designer Brands Preview at Moods Art Museum in the 798 Art Zone, Beijing, and the exhibition area of Showroom Shanghai respectively. Top-tier fashion and lifestyle KOLs in Beijing and Shanghai will be invited to this exclusive event.

2018年5月31日,以及6月6日,时堂 Showroom Shanghai将携手国内最大的时尚内容聚合平台LOOK,分别在北京798艺术区的情绪美术馆,以及时堂上海展厅,举办第一届“小灶”设计师品牌最新单品线下预览活动。时堂联合LOOK,邀请京沪两地中国顶尖时尚及生活方式KOL,为之“开小灶”。

“时堂 Showroom Shanghai”创立于2014年春天,是中国第一家专业showroom。4年的发展,时堂以国内顶尖的设计师品牌为起点,逐步汇聚了越来越多具有商业拓展潜力的中高端新兴时装品牌,也已发展成中国时装产业消费升级的助推器。时堂专注于深耕本土时装市场,每次展会吸引逾两千位来自全国各地的时装专业观众,向正处于转型的零售商、百货、经销商输送了数百个国内外优质设计品牌,成为业内颇具影响力的精品展会。

“SHOWROOM SHANGHAI ”founded in the spring of 2014, Showroom Shanghai is the first professional showroom in China. Although the country has seen vigorous development within the field of independent fashion design for a decade now, showrooms continued to remain a blank page. Fashion Week’s official organizers have previously focused on the showcase and issue of products without providing any ordering services. The emergence of Showroom Shanghai was able to fill the gap, bringing a positive and significant improvement to the industrial chain and professionalizing the Chinese fashion industry, allowing it to take one step further into the international market.