【起源于设计师主理人梦境里的PANTTERFLY旨在“以自由独立不怯儒,现代优雅有韵味” 为品牌含义,诠释出时装角度与西方的现代摩登之感:摒弃纯法式元素的堆叠,把中式疆绣与法式珠绣相互融合钩织出属于全新的刺绣特点。每季与国际色彩趋势PANTONE公司合作,搭配历史悠久的瑞士意大利进口面料供应商,使品牌超越空间与时间的界限,延续出富有情怀与诗意的品牌特性, 把每一件时装单品的维度都用纯手工高级成衣理念去完成,从而达到让亚洲女性从内而外透露着自由与文化思考的风情……….】

PANTTERFLY, originating from the dream of designers and managers, aims to 'be free and independent'

The brand's meaning is "timid and refined, modern and elegant with charm", interpreting the fashion perspective and the Western trend

Modern feeling: abandoning the stacking of pure French elements and integrating Chinese Xinjiang embroidery with French pearl embroidery

The crochet weave features a brand new embroidery style. Seasonal and International Color Trends PANTONE Public

Collaborating with a long-standing supplier of imported fabrics from Switzerland and Italy to surpass the brand

The boundary between space and time continues to embody the emotional and poetic brand characteristics of every piece

The dimensions of fashion items are all completed using the concept of pure handmade high-end ready-to-wear, in order to achieve the goal of making Asia

Women reveal a sense of freedom and cultural contemplation from the inside out.