ZHANGSHUAI,2006年,“ZHANG SHUAI高级定制工作室”成立;主要为演艺界明星和社会名流提供贴心的私人定制服务,2014年初,轻奢成衣品牌“ZHANGSHAUI”正式确立,公司业务拓展到成衣市场。首次面世,便受到了国内众多潮流媒体、时尚编辑和爱美达人的关注与喜爱。2014年-2017年每年冬季,与国内知名品牌合作的“囧囧侠”系列、“时光之眼”系列、“爱之旅”系列、“发现桌球侠”系列明星款羽绒服在业界掀起了一波又一波抢购风潮,成为时尚媒体快炙人口的话题,各时尚达人娱乐大咖必备秋冬单品!

ZHANG SHUAI‘s Haute couture studio was eatablished in 2006。This Brand is mainly to provide the persinal customize provide for Chinese Celebrities。At the beginning of 2014,the entry luxury brand ”ZHANG SHUAI“ was eatablished. This brand's business has expanded to the ready-to-wear market. After the brand debut, it has attracted many fashion medias and fashion bloggers' attention.2014-2017 winter every year, and domestic well-known brand down jacket brand cooperation "embarrassment" series, the eye of the "time" series, "love trip" series, "found that table tennis man" series star down jacket in the industry rush on a wave of another wave, become fashion media's main population topic, all the fashionistas entertainment higher-ups autumn winter item required!