洲升创办之初 ,品牌使命就是让羊绒摆脱“内衣”标签,使其从单纯的保暖品变为时尚单品,适用于更多场合及人群,走入时尚生活。“洲升”前身是羊绒设计工作室,为品牌公司输出设计多年,深谙羊绒原材料的珍贵和产品年龄定位偏大的市场现况。随着团队的成长壮大,在2017年洲升掀起了羊绒产品革命,致力于做与国际流行趋势无时间差的羊绒,让每一个穿上洲升羊绒的女孩都充满自信。

At the beginning of establishing CHAU·RISING, our mission is that we should let the public know: cashmere is not meaning underwear, it is not only warm item but also trendy item. It can suit for different occasions and persons. Enjoy life, fashion life.

CHAU·RISING started from design studio, served for different brands many years, know clearly about the preciousness of the raw material and the market situation that the common design only for aged persons. With the development of the team, CHAU·RISING will take the revolution in cashmere’s products , devote to make the cashmere products seamless joint with international trends, make every CHAU·RISING fans confident.