“颂周”,颂取自法国香颂,中国最古老诗歌总集《诗经》 --《风》、《雅》、《颂》


"SONZHOU", an ode from the French Chanson, the oldest collection of poems in China "The Book of Songs" - "Wind", "Ya", "Ode". Ode is also praise, eulogize.


周,既是周朝,又指周礼,亦指周全,周到。 一个周字,意蕴无穷。中国汉字的博大精深,在“周”上得到了充分体现。.


Zhou is not only the Zhou Dynasty, but also refers to Zhou Li, also refers to comprehensive and thoughtful. The word Zhou has endless implications. The breadth and depth of Chinese characters are fully reflected in the "zhou".