Ioannis Tsakalidis got the idea for MYTH Optical Greece following the Greek crisis in 2013. He had been determined by his love to his country to start a workshop to make frames in Greece. He would introduce the world what good quality product Greece can make. He first founds his first inspiration from the fundamental characteristics of Greek Gods, and using his collection to remind the world about the long history of Greek mythologies and the “truth of human nature”.

MYTH is available in more than 20 countries and regions now. MYTH participated in many professional glasses exhibition (SILMO, MIDO, IOFT…) every year and for the unique design, was invited to attend many fashion show in Europe (TRANOÏ,CIFF,WHITE).



Inspired and handcrafted from Greece

Where fashion and craftsmanship co-exist
Our product is an essence of inspiration and aspiration. 
Driving a unprecedented sensational in eyewear.


Collections and inspirations:

From the early “Gods” collections to the "Metamorphsis“ collections, MYTH sublimates the inspiration from Greek to the portrait of the human spirit. The vision of MYTH is expanding continuously, but the keen sense of fashion is invariable. 
We hope the distinctive style will enlightens the wearer just like the first ray of sunshine, and encourages them to pursuit personal independence and freedom.

MYTH integrated Greek inspiration into fashion, created unique concepts and designs, and became an emerging force in the fashion industry. From “GODS” Collection to “JOKER” Collection,each pair of glasses is far beyond imagination, brings to people a constant visual aesthetic. MYTH pursuits the best balance between style and comfort through top materials, select top Italian cellulose acetate and Japanese top titanium, and leaded by a 50 years of production experience craftsman. We are strict in every procedure, and strive to make every product impressive.

As living a motto and our brand slogan: “Become what you really are”, by Pindar.



MYTH will take you through the deserted temples of ancient Greece, to feel the desolation and pathos of the twilight before the destruction of the gods.


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. It represents a kind of faith and power.


Interpreting frames from the perspective of philosopher, through multiple design angles to perfect interactive harmony between human and accessories. 



Breaking modern aesthetic concept, create a “Revolution Glasses” with artistic imagination, and become the pioneer of  dark reality aesthetics. Bold, but always on the cutting edge of fashion.




Ioannis Tsakalidis在2013年希腊危机之后萌生了“神话光学”的想法。出于对祖国的热爱,Ioannis决定在希腊开一家眼镜架作坊,向世界介绍希腊生产的优质产品。他从古希腊诸神的性格特征中找到了最初的灵感,并通过他的第一个系列来提醒世界关于希腊神话的悠久历史和“人性的真相”。






















打破现代审美框架,用艺术想象力创造“Revolution Glasses”,独树一格的暗黑现实美学,张扬更符合时尚发展的潮流趋势。