辰禾由独立设计师程彬先生创立的原创设计师品牌 ,程  彬  先  生  游学欧洲时尚之都巴黎 /米兰多年 ,深受欧洲艺术文化和时尚美学的影晌 整体风格以简约大气为        主   ,一直致 力于以 “解放女性身体 ,修饰 ,体现“女性美”为主旨 ,意在为时尚都市女性打造简洁而富于设计感的穿衣搭配 ;通过不同面料结合精湛的剪裁工艺,打造成一个精致与活力并存的女性良好形象.


提倡个性自信 、坚持潮流多变 、简约、舒适 、自由的搭配方式。

风格定位 :都市新轻奢 ,忠于服装的舒适与质感 ,追求细 节和颜色的融合 ,将艺术和个性的气质 融入其中 ,诠释女性内 在的精致品味 。

Chen he is an original designer brand founded by an independent designer, Mr. Cheng bin. Mr. Cheng bin has been studying in Paris/milan, the fashion capital of Europe for many years. He is deeply influenced by European art culture and fashion aesthetics. The overall style is mainly simple and elegant, and has always been consistent, the purpose of this article is to "liberate women's body, modify and embody women's Beauty" , which aims at creating simple and full of design sense for women in Fashion City, and to create a fine and vigorous image of women by combining exquisite cutting techniques with different fabrics. Brand concept, to promote self-confidence, adhere to the trend of change, simplicity, comfort, freedom with the way. Style positioning: Urban New Light Luxury, loyal to the comfort and texture of clothing, the pursuit of details, details and color integration, art and personality temperament, into which the interpretation of women, in the delicate taste.