Via Phrase 品牌于2019年创立于英国伦敦( via phrase 时尚工作室),由首饰&配饰设计师许罗君(LUOJUN XU)与产品&时尚设计师丁悦(ANAIS DING)共同创立。最终目标是为顾客提供与众不同的购物体验,以此将品牌进行区别化,并提升“项目”整体竞争力。我们的设计策略是在购物空间中适当地突出艺术产品,营造一个艺术语境下的首饰,让这些与艺术结


From via phrase fashion studio London, jewellery brand via phrase is co-founded by Jewellery & Accessories Designer luojun Xu and product & Fashion Designer Anais Ding, in 2019 . The ultimate goal is to provide customers with a unique shopping experience, so as to differentiate the brand and enhance the overall competitiveness of the "project". Our design strategy is to properly highlight art products in the shopping space, create an art context of jewellery, so that these jewellery products combined with art are no longer just decorations. Each season starts from a different story derivative design concept, and the concept runs through all the display design elements. This design idea can be applied to large and small spaces of various media, elaborately create artistic products of different sizes, and take into account both permanent and temporary exhibits. Environment hypothesis: we create art for "jewellery space", let it jump out of "shopping space" appropriately, and integrate it with art space.