I Suddenly Sneezed. 在2014年由平面設計師莫厚切創立,是其工作室ROOMM旗下的一個項目品牌。深受日本文化影響,品牌命名源於日本詩人谷川俊太郎的詩句——「萬有引力,是為世人相互拉扯而存在的孤獨力量/宇宙正在傾斜,所以大家需要彼此/宇宙漸漸膨脹,所以大家感到不安/向著二十億光年的孤獨/我情不自禁地打了個噴嚏」這恰好是設計師的自我暗示——用一切可能的方式,製造如同打噴嚏一樣積蓄已久的隨意爆發。


叛逆、不安分、剛烈的繪畫基因深植於I Suddenly Sneezed.的鞋履設計中。現在,I Suddenly Sneezed.正以獨特的色彩、趣味性結合實穿性設計更多場合感鞋履。受眾為關注藝術、設計和生活方式、偏愛輪廓感、中性風格的女孩。


聯名合作品牌Tommy zhong, 密扇,MAYALI,Espiegle, Fengyitan, deppmoss


I Suddenly Sneezed was established by graphic designer Mohouqie in 2014 as an initiative under her creative studio ROOMM. Inspired by Japanese culture, the brand name ISS was originated in the poem by Shuntarou Tanikawa. The designer also sees it as some self suggestions to make creative explosion at any time by any chance, like you never know when you sneeze.


Since 2014, the rebellious, restless and fierce graphic style has deeply involved in the footwear design.Experimenting with more everyday shoes and accessories, ISS plays on fun of art and creativity, wear ability, and function. The ISS woman is streetwise and audacious. She possesses a bold individuality and a keen eye on art, design and culture.


Co-branded brands: Tommy Zhong, MUKZIN, MAYALI, Espiegle, Fengyitan, deppmoss