UNA.L是由海归设计师Una Li于2019年创立的设计师包袋配饰品牌.重 视包袋的女性是对生活有要求的女性.包袋作为时尚搭配中必不可少 的一件首饰,UNA.L专注于打造一个结合了包袋功能性设计、摩登时 尚感、和有趣新颖造型为一体的时尚品牌。致敬复古、前卫、时尚、 独特、有态度,和敢于做自己的UNA.L女孩。

UNA.L is a handbag brand founded in 2019 by designer Una Li who cares about women’s feeling of use, and focus on making handbags that are stylish, modern, joyful, and funcConal. UNA.L handbags are made with high-end quality leather with affordable prices, classic styles that mix with modern and vintage, environmental friendly lining that made from recycled boJles. Not to menCon UNA.L’s story telling images on LiJle Red Book that many fashion Bloggers can’t get enough of them!