DOUBLEX设计师品牌,既有极简的艺术气质,也呈现出个性前卫的一面,坚 持“实用异型”包袋设计理念,灵感来源于建筑和几何学概念设计,打破常 规皮革包袋给人的刻板印象,以独特的视角来诠释DOUBLEX的极简、精致与 反叛精神相融合的品牌风格。

Double X is a designer brand with a minimal artistic quality, yet with an avant-garde flair. Our unique aesthetic of combining minimalism, craftsmanship and a rebellious spirit is embodied through our determination to create practical bags with unique, irregular silhouettes, drawing inspiration from conceptual designs in architecture and geometry to break the perception of the conventional leather bag.