SUN SHENG NAN 由独立设计师孙胜男2015年创立于北京。设计师以东方禅学哲思为基础研究物之联系,尝试用个人感悟的独特理解,对东方文化进行当代语境的阐述。品牌坚持的理念核心是求索与发现,以手袋产品为出发点,探讨产品与当代人之间的相互关系,致力打造具有适当幽默感的当代生活配饰艺术品。


SUN SHENG NAN was founded by independent designer Sun Shengnan in Beijing, 2015. Based upon oriental Zen philosophies, the designer studies the relationship between things, and tries to express oriental culture in contemporary context through personal experience and comprehension. The core idea of the brand is exploration and discovery.  Starting from handbags, SUN SHENG NAN investigates the relationship between products and people and is dedicated to create modern accessory artworks with a proper sense of humor.