2009年native诞生于加拿大温哥华的热带雨林,专注设计与生产轻型注塑EVA鞋。采用环保材质与先进技术,打造一种未来式经典(future classic),始终追求穿着舒适感,并一直将“环保”作为自己的使命与社会责任,倡导轻生活——Live Lightly。

在native产品创造过程中,没有使用任何动物皮毛。 Beast Free™意味着尊重动物,并将他们和人类一视同仁。



Native came from the future, by way of the past, via a small portal in the rainforest, near Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2009. It was born out of a desire to offer a functional alternative to existing footwear through innovation and design. 

Future Classic footwear is familiar, like that song you know you’ve heard, but different in that you’ve never heard it played like that before. Native reinvents the known into something fresh and innovative. This means footwear that is mondo-lite, crazy comfortable, totally accessible, easy to wear and completely Beast Free™. Native Shoes makes it easy for all to Live Lightly™.

Beast Free™ has been an integral part of our DNA since day one. Not a

single hair nor hide on any animal, anywhere, has been used in the creation of our product. We are proud of that, and have recently been awarded the PETA Approved Vegan Footwear seal of approval. Being Beast Free™ means respecting our animal and human friends equally.

By 2023, our product process will be 100% life cycle managed.