产品独特的设计感和明朗的色彩,形成独树一帜的风格。HANA&SHIDA与年轻时尚父母一起,基于对服饰、用品的品味品质追求,熏陶孩子的审美;并基于爱与陪伴,用花艺、烘焙、音乐、绘画、旅行 以及贴近大自然等美好生活方式,滋养孩子的一生。


From the beautiful hearts of an interior designer and an artisan baker, brought to live the charismatic children’s clothing brand: HANA&SHIDA.

HANA&SHIDA echos the modern day pursuit of what cosmopolitan living is really about. We aspire to that of which is quality of life - positive interaction and healthy communication with our children, the love for nature, music, arts and seeing the world. 

We firmly believe that children’s beautiful daily wear and accessories can play an important part of the subtly influence and nourishment of their aesthetics.