ZINGME 成⽴于2019年,为Z世代的个体与群体意识发声,以“IN and OUT of FASHION”的时髦腔调,混合娱乐精神与实验精神,浪荡于多元⽂化领地,⽆限量提供持续新鲜的好玩体验。

中国Z世代消费者 中国Z世代和国外Z世代相⽐,⽆论是社交媒体习惯、新兴科技运⽤,还是时尚态度、潮流⽂化,其相似度⽐较⾼。但中国的Z世代也有⾃⼰特定的属性 和⽂化,他们正在助推圈层⽂化兴起、传统⽂化复兴、国货品牌⽴⾜等趋势。

ZING ME 是新时代玩味超酷的Z世代女孩,年轻、 率性、追求个性与时尚,拒绝统一标签,音乐节,短视频,阅读、电影、艺术展,从新锐角度理解艺术与时尚的关系,是她理解 世界的最佳路径,而在消费和混搭中创造、分享和个性表达,是她向外界发出的自我讯号。

Z世代将很快成为全球最⼤的消费群体,洞察全球Z世代消费者的共同特征,Z世代可以分化成“⼤我 派”和“⼩我派”两⼤阵营,他们正在各⾃阵营⾥建⽴规则,品牌以此为参考可以和 Z世代消费者形成可靠⽽持续的联系。

ZING ME gives voice to the individual and group consciousness of Generation Z. With the modern tone of "In and Out of Fashion", mixed with the spirit of entertainment and experiment, Zing Me roamed IN the multicultural territory, providing continuous and fresh fun experience IN unlimited quantities.

Compared with era Z consumers in foreign countries, era Z consumers in China has a high degree of similarity in social media habits, application of emerging technologies, fashion attitudes and trendy culture. But China's era Z consumers also have their own specific attributes and culture, and they are fueling trends such as the rise of circle culture, the revival of traditional culture, and the foothold of domestic brands.

ZING ME is a new era of super cool Z generation girls, young, spontaneous, the pursuit of personality and fashion, refuse to unify labels, music festivals, short videos, reading, movies, art exhibitions, from a cutting-edge perspective to understand the relationship between art and fashion, is the best way for her to understand the world, and in consumption and mash-up to create, share and personality expression, is her self-signal to the outside world.

Generation Z will soon become the world's largest consumer group, Our insight into the common characteristics of global Generation Z consumers, Generation Z can be divided into two camps of "big me" and "small me", they are establishing rules in their respective camps, and brands can form a reliable and continuous connection with Generation Z consumers as a reference