LISA CHINO——街头文化和高雅艺术的融合。她既是潮流的反叛者,钟情于欧洲20世纪60年代下的迷幻嬉皮;又是洒脱随性的雅皮士,游离于上流世界。

品牌融合了60s的“嬉皮士”与80s“雅皮士”两种截然对立的文化风格,从而演化出特属LISA CHINO的“新嬉皮“风格定位。“新嬉皮”虽然在服饰爱好上与“嬉皮士”一脉相承,但他们的骨子里有着与“嬉皮士“截然不同的奢华享乐主义和高品质的生活追求,更像是一位衣冠齐楚、修饰整齐的“雅皮士”。

“新嬉皮”也刻画了当下人们的生活态度——既有着高品质的物质追求,也在意精神世界的自由和快乐。张扬却不媚俗,LISA CHINO用大胆的色彩和高级的质感呈现出经典雅致与快乐自由的平衡状态。


LISA CHINO - the mix of street culture and fine art. Rebelling against the fashion trend, she is a hippie from the 60s. Living in a upper-class life, she is a yuppie, free and easy. 

The brand integrates two totally opposite cultural styles together, 60s “Hippie” and 80s “Yuppie”, creating a unique “New Hippie” style of LISA CHINO. Like the old “Hippie”, “New Hippie” obsesses with Peisley pattern, exaggerated bell-bottoms, complicated fabric splicing, ethnic elements and nature elements. Differently, “New Hippie” holds “Yuppie's” way of hedonism and high-quality life.

“New Hippie” portrays the life attitude of the people today, who pursue both material enjoyment and spiritual freedom. Provocative but not gaudy. LISA CHINO shows the balance of decency and freedom by utilizing the bold color and superior texture.