ise于2000年创立于上海,始终专注于精致舒适的都市女装,将复古、摩登、趣味等元素融入设计,在经典简约中加入当季流行元素,在微妙的细节中感受随性态度。以“I see earth,I see ego”为品牌理念,在探索风格的过程中不忘初心,营造低调轻松的时髦感。

Founded in 2000 in Shanghai, ise always focused on exquisite and comfortable urban womenswear, incorporating retro, modern and fun elements into the design, adding seasonal fashion elements in classic simplicity, and feeling casual attitude in subtle details. With "I see earth, I see ego" as its brand philosophy, ise explores the style withthe original intention and create an understated and relaxed sense of fashion.