MAISON LINA MA 由著名旅法时装珠宝和高端服饰设计师Lina MA在法国创建。Lina MA是首位受国际高端服饰展会PREMIERE CLASSE邀请参加巴黎时装周的中国设计师,五次被国际高端服饰展Premiere Classe邀请参加巴黎时装周。“可以戴的高级女装”是其秉承高级女装追求极致完美和一直贯彻的核心精神理念。

MAISON LINA MA是以高端时尚首饰和帽子头饰为主的多品类高端饰品品牌,其品牌产品融和首饰和高级女装定制特点,很多款式设计可以自由拆装组合,给佩戴留下更多的再次创造空间。品牌产品在全世界多家名店有销售,如L’ECLAIREUR, FRANCK ET FILS, BERGDORF GOODMAN等。

MAISON LINA MA is created by the famous fashion jewelry and high-end Accessory designer Lina MA in Paris. She is the first Chinese designer who was invited five times to participate in Paris fashion week, for the international high-end fashion show PREMIERE CLASSE. " Haute-Couture Accessory can be worn" is the core spirit and concept of the pursuit of excellence and perfection has been carrying out.

MAISON LINA MA is a multi category of high-end jewelry brand. Its products are mostly in high-end fashion jewelry and hat headdress. The brand products mix with the characteristic of custom-made jewelry and haute couture, and many designs can be disassembled and combined freely, leaving more space for customers to create again. Its products are sold in many top boutiques, e.g. L’ECLAIREUR, FRANCK ET FILS, BERGDORF GOODMAN etc.