MAO MART homme诞生于一个简单的想法:一个不张扬却有力量的品牌。简单、纯粹,她不仅仅是一个名字,更是情感的寄托与分享。MAO希望创造透过身心或者心理感知的设计,同时将这份对生活的体验,分享给更多的人。她希望无论是面料的选用和工艺的缝制呈现,衣服本身的价值就要足以说服顾客消费。从一根棉线开始,融入对女性内在力量的探索,对自然、艺术、生活之间关系的思考,褪去多余,用简练流畅的版型呈现高级有距离的东方美。


MAO MART homme was born with a simple idea: a quiet but powerful brand.Simple, pure, she is not only a name, but also emotional sustenance and sharing.MAO wanted to create designs that could be perceived through physical or mental perception, and to share this experience of life with more people.She hopes the clothes themselves will be valuable enough to persuade customers to buy, regardless of the choice of fabric or the craftsmanship.Starting from a piece of cotton thread, it integrates the exploration of women's inner power, and the thinking of the relationship between nature, art and life.