Wooyo Showroom was founded in 2013 focusing on fashion jewelry, which has a permanent ordering exhibition room in Beijing. For buyers, Wooyo is a professional business partner. With a profound background of international buyer and practical experience in the retail industry, Wooyo has established a complete online buyer ordering and sales support system, accurately recommending brands based on the positioning and characteristics of multi-brand boutiques, and strongly assisting in sales to help buyers manage multiple brands in an easy and efficient way. 


Wooyo maintained a long-term cooperation with worldwide selected brands that have an outstanding design style. For brands, Wooyo acts as a business partner for designers. Not only can it assist brands connect with more buyers to quickly open sales channels, but it also has several online stores on high-traffic platform to help brands increase sales. In addition, Wooyo has a large number of media, celebrities and KOL resources that can be beneficial for increasing brand awareness. With years of industry experience, Wooyo is devoted to providing strategies for designer brands on the improvement of brand positioning and image building.