BandeNere 班德尼尔


由17年春夏起始,BandeNere创造了Urban Line/Exqusite Line,Unlock,Dynamic,DNA reorganized,Gentle Amour ,bold chic等系列,取得了越来越多都市女性和市场的认同。




The brand idea of BandeNere comes from Milan, the the world’s fashion capital,The word ”BandeNere” is inspired by the name of a metro station in Milan called ”BandeNere” where the designer Lee Liang and stylist Qian Sha lived nearby when they studied in Milan. It also symbolizes the origin of their design career. The philosophy of BandeNere combines the essence of Italian fashion design and minimalism. Liang’s skillful use of silhouette cutting incorporated with Sha’s various Innovative collocation leads to the unique style and strong practicality of their products, cattering to the fashion concept of contemporary females. The fashion items embodied not only the trendsetting details but the strong practicality. Concise yet not bland, reveals in BandeNere’s visual sense


From the beginning of 2017, the series of Urban Line/Exquisite Line, Unlock, Dynamic, DNA recognized, Gentle Amour, Bold chic were created by BandeNere, which increasingly obtained the favor of urban female market.

After six seasons of design iterations, BandeNere had endured most of the detours that every single designer must go through. Its insistence on the initial inspiration and enthusiasm results in the accelerating influence and maturing of the products.


The female fashion in China has been so diversified that the customer would prefer  (a) niche design and brand instead of (a) luxury brand they used to pursue. BandeNere has a special experience that embraces the Italian design spirit as well as the oriental aesthetics so that it has the ability to create a more energetic ladies fashion. The brand vision is to provide Chinese stylish women a fashionable dress with more exquisite fabric and more detail-oriented and overall-styling design.