The brand idea of BandeNere comes from Milan, the the world’s fashion capital,The word ”BandeNere” is inspired by the name of a metro station in Milan called ”BandeNere” where the designer Lee Liang and stylist Qian Sha lived nearby when they studied in Milan. It also symbolizes the origin of their design career. The philosophy of BandeNere combines the essence of Italian fashion design and minimalism. Liang’s skillful use of silhouette cutting incorporated with Sha’s various Innovative collocation leads to the unique style and strong practicality of their products, cattering to the fashion concept of contemporary females. The fashion items embodied not only the trendsetting details but the strong practicality. Concise yet not bland, reveals in BandeNere’s visual sense


In 2020, the brand has discovered its own style through continuous exploration, and established a detail focused high-end women's fashion on a neutral style, removing over complicated elements, and advocating diversified and more inclusive style clothing.