“THEOGONY”取自古希腊诗人赫西俄德的叙事诗《神谱》。设计师在神话故事、铸币、雕塑、绘画等艺术形象中获取灵感,将古典美学进行现代审美的再现,以隽美之形展现典雅之意, 让沉淀在岁月的美好,在今天重新遇见,这是时间给予我们的礼物。

The brand "THEOGONY" is coming from the poem written by the Greek poet Hesiod. Designers were inspired by various forms of art like mythologies, coins, sculptures, and paintings. By representing classical aesthetics with modern thinking, we are designing jewelry with beautiful appearance and elegant soul. The accumulating beauty from the past can be rediscovered today through our designs. And this is the gift we received from time.