l  品牌官方介绍: 独立设计师品牌NOÉMI.R成立于2018年。品牌设计风格以强调服装细节处的精致与优雅为核心,注重女性自身的外在表达,极简风与多样性并重。





Brand intro

Founded in 2018, indie designer brand NOMI.R emphasizes the exquisite and elegant details of clothing as the core, pays attention to the external expression of women themselves, with simplicity and diversity.

Sometimes we got trapped in the pursuit of complexity and then lost ourselves.

You might as well re-recognize yourself, simplify by cutting out the superfluous, and enjoy the pleasure of self-balance.

We are no longer discussing the "due" style of women of all ages. It is only a return of self-perception.

Never cater, nor drift with the tide.

l  品牌设计师官方介绍:设计师梦瑾曾就读于巴黎ESMOD 服装设计学院主修女装编织专业。回国后就职于日本高级女装品牌“子苞米” 担任设计师。五年的巴黎生活让她对法国女人的独立优雅有了很深的感触,将法国的感触与设计结合,与2018年创立个人品牌NOÉMI.R。

Designer intro

Major in women’s knitting, designer Mengjin graduated from ESMOD College of Fashion Design in Paris, majoring in women's knitting. After returning to China, she worked as a designer for the Japan high-end women's wearing brand "Zibaomi". With a deep impression of French women's independence and elegance from 5 years of Paris life, she combined those feelings with design to create a personal brand, NOMI.R. in 2018.