成立于2007年的设计师品牌MAXRIENY不仅是一个时装品牌,更是一种精神和生活方式的体现,犹如一股生命美好的力量,去感染、感动每一个寻找自我的灵魂。为了表达对生活平衡之后的生命状态的理解,Sara设计推出高级成衣系列MAXRIENY BY SARA WONG,以“融合,平衡,坚定,独一无二”为核心文化,带来一次复古与潮流的碰撞。MAXRIENY BY SARA WONG根植“复古”内核,将特定年代元素结合当代多元文化,希望穿上MAXRIENY BY SARA WONG的女性,拥有美丽以及勇气。

 Founded in 2007, the brand MAXRIENY presents not only the fashion products, but also the powerful spirit and chic lifestyle. With the strength of life and fashion , MAXRIENY tries to be a better influence for those who are willing to explore their own soul.

To interpret the comprehension of balancing life, Sara creates the collection of MAXRIENY BY SARA WONG.The key value of the collection are Integration, Balance, Insistence and Uniqueness. It is a mixture of vintage and trendy style.With the core of vintage style, MAXRIENY BY SARA WONG establishes the new designing mind and blinds elements in different times to the modern cultures.