DONOT TE (中文名:别想那只大象)是 DO NOT THINK OF THE ELEPHANT 的简称,品牌命名的灵感源自乔治莱考夫同名语言学书籍“为什么当说别想那只大象的时候,你的脑中却在想着大象的样子?” 一种说别想却会忍不住想的有趣思维追求高度的设计感,融合时尚元素,DONOT TE以简洁并有力量的设计诠释当代生活的艺术性,将当代艺术的概念融入到首饰配饰中。




  DONOT TE brand introduction:

 DONOT TE ( 别想那只大象 ) is an abbreviation for DO NOT THINK OF THE ELEPHANT. The brand name is inspired by George Lakoff's linguistic book Dont think of an elephant. Why are you thinking about the elephant every time you hear it? This is a classic introduction to framing, but also an interesting thinking that you can't help thinking of. DONOT TE  frames a high understanding of design. The brands artistic and unique design incorporates the concept of contemporary art into jewelry accessories.

The blending of a thoughtful design, exquisite craftsmanship, and sophisticated packaging conveys a culture of personality and self-expression.

Let a piece of jewelry blend into your personal emotions, attitudes and values.