CINDY C ERIC创立于2018年英国伦敦,一支年轻的国际化设计团队,一份对于皮革工艺的赤诚与坚持,成立综合性创意时尚设计工作室。设计理念融合现代都市语境下的时装体验与实用思考,突破时装边界,开启设计全新局面。




品牌命名为CINDY与ERIC的融合拼写,意为刚柔并济,女性时而强大凌历,时而温柔感性,是美貌与实力的融合共生,在矛盾对立的碰撞中构建平衡,这些要素构建的独特组合,共同奠定了CINDY C ERIC的品牌基因。


CINDY C ERIC was founded in London, UK in 2018. A young international design team, a sincere and persistent in leather craftsmanship, established a comprehensive creative fashion design studio. The design concept combines the fashion experience and practical thinking in the modern urban context, breaking through the boundaries of fashion, and opening a new situation in design.


Designers are fascinated by the charm of cosmopolitan cities, and believe that the most exciting fashion trends come from the various styles of high street clothing in urban life. With fashion and pragmatism design, they perfectly respond to the needs of modern women's fashion wear.


The brand name is the fusion spelling of CINDY and ERIC, which means the combination of rigidity and softness. Women are sometimes strong and lingering, sometimes gentle and sensual. It is a symbiosis of beauty and strength, creating a balance in the collision of contradictions and conflicts, and a unique combination of these elements. , And jointly established the brand genes of CINDY C ERIC.