Launched in 2014 by Samuel David BENAINOUS, Bricktown is a french contemporary brand based in Paris.

Samuel, who was born in 1989, draws his inspiration from his childhood: 1990’s - 2000’s, growing up in a new era of cable television, games consoles and the arrival of the World Wide Web.

Bricktown's collection speaks for those kids who grew up influenced by the digital era.


Bricktown是法国当代时装品牌,它由Samuel David BENAINOUS在2014年于巴黎创立。



Bricktown itself started as an Art project. Samuel developed the entire brand on a vision: one of a pixelated world. He aims to create a big library of digital artwork representing the world culture. From a juicy burger, or a shiny spaceship, to iconic video game characters, anyone can find something that represents their own tastes, and in which they can recognize themselves. The result is the pixelation of the entire world, where passions and tastes gather in their core originality.




The choice to make pixels the core element at the basis of the brand blooms directly out of his childhood. As soon as they came out, pixels quickly became the foundation for the creation of digital art. Every image you see on a screen is made with millions of pixels… And you no longer see them, but they are all here in front of you. By using pixels for his Art, Samuel captured the true essence of Digital Art History. 

把像素化作为品牌核心元素的选择源于Samuel的童年。像素一经发明很快便成为创作数字艺术的基础。我们在屏幕上看到的每个图像都是由数百万个像素组成的……现在我们早已看不见它们,但它们都在我们的眼前。通过像素在其艺术创作中的运用, Samuel把握了数字艺术史的真正精髓。


For him, embroidery has always been considered the most prestigious form of embellishment in fashion since the dawn of time. It gives off an aura of sophistication, while also making his Art eye-catching. Every piece of design that he embroidered comes to life and stands out, communicating to every passerby that the t-shirt itself has a soul, and a profound value intrinsic to it.