MAISON是欧洲一些奢侈品牌喜欢的命名方式,意为注重工艺和传承的品牌屋工坊,LUMIERE的中文意思是“光”,取自设计师Kar的中文名字。创立于2016年的美颂之光的品牌理念是“会变身的珠宝”,设计师追求把Kinetic art活动雕塑艺术运用到珠宝设计,东方底蕴和西方现代艺术的结合,以探索传统珠宝新的表现形式。

MAISON is a named style of which some iconic European brands are fond, a fashion house values craftsmanship and heritage. LUMIERE means light, which derives from the Chinese name of Kar. The foundation of MAISON LUMIERE, established in 2016, is based on the ultimate commitment to design jewelry that transfigures. The designer has been aiming to translate Kinetic art to jewelry design, combining both the profound cultural heritage of East and the modern and contemporary art of West and exploring a creative re-interpretation of traditional designs.