WHATEVER EYEWEAR 旨在为消费者打造一个充满趣味的世界。它擅长将时钟、回形针、铆钉、条纹、箭头等生活中随处可见的小物件融入设计中,在赋予细节更多设计感的同时,大程度上提升佩戴的舒适度。它突破现有的眼镜设计风格,让眼镜的细节处呈现饱满的美感,力求达到设计感与实用性之间的平衡,造就别具一格的、具有极强造型性和辨识度的时尚单品。

WHATEVER EYEWEAR is an eyewear brand established by a chinese fashion accessories designer Eric Wang. WHATEVER EYEWEAR promoteframeshpes with femininetouch, meeting the wearing demands of both western and Asian customers' facial structures.Eric Wang believes that a good pair of sunglasses should both be charming as a pice of ornamental accessory and also suitable for everyday wearing. Therefore, the design pieces from Eric's collection could blend into your everyday-look also as a fashion component regardless of whether it is apring, summer, fall, or winter.