ESTER希伯来语意为星星,设计师HSU运用最擅长的极简风格与少女元素花边 蝴蝶结等元素进行融合,使得极简风和少女元素巧妙结合,褶皱蝴蝶结等基础元素的大量运用,表现当今少女的生活态度。设计师从女儿Ester身上延伸灵感。保持风格的同时也希望从小女孩的视野中赋予作品新的意义。品牌以少女风与酷女孩风格为主,大量运用棉质天然纤维面料,让服装更贴切穿着者的需求。

Women's brand ESTER HSU HSU by the designer created in 2017.

ESTER of the Hebrew word for Star, designer HSU used best minimalist style elements such as lace bow with girls element fusion makes unique combination of elements of minimalist style and girls, drape bow and other basic elements make extensive use of, and attitude of today's girls. Designer extension inspiration from daughter Ester. Keep the style also works in the perspective of a little girl and giving new meaning to. Girls wind and cool girl style-oriented brand, extensive use of natural fiber cotton fabric, garments more closely the wearer's needs.