GIORGIO DEMICHELI is founded in 2006 in Italy, dedicated to Murano sculpture& jewelry made by Murano fused glass, handicrafts by applying traditional fusing glass techniques. His secret recipes created special color effects melting with gold or silver foils and others. The collections are 100% pure handcrafted

The features: sophisticated crafts, gorgeous Murano colors, fresh and bold design, artistic yet practical, Italian stylish and fashion;

Abundant collection lines of various female theme series, and non-complete duplication of Murano objects present each piece unique, which well satisfies the special requirements of modern women with their different needs and personalities.

戴米凯利(GIORGIO DEMICHELI)于2006年在意大利创立,专注于穆拉诺雕塑艺术与配饰,取材穆拉诺(Murano)琉璃,采用传统玻璃熔合技术,运用独特的配色秘方,熔合金箔,银箔等其他材料,100%纯手工打造高品质的饰品,产品工艺精致考究,色彩丰富斑斓,设计新颖优雅,造型个性大气,兼具艺术性与实用性,极具意式风格及魅力,众多主题系列使产品线丰富,其工艺的不可完全复制性塑造了每件饰品的独一无二性,满足现代不同个性女性的独特要求。