ZHANG YUHAO 设计师同名品牌创立于2013年,2015年正式发布第一个女装春夏系列。 设计师在接受了完整的西方美学教育之后,决定重新回归到最初的姿态,回到东方,这个其实从未离开过的地方,致力于东方美学之上的后现代主义。剪裁作为品牌一个重要的核心在于面料与人体的关系中寻找空间,这样的空间不是静态,而是流动的一种状态,服装因为人体的动态而产生的流动。不规则与规则,对称与不对称,矛盾与冲突的组合也经常能够在很多细节中打动我们,从而产生更多的微妙的美感,以及更多穿着的方式与体验。

Designer Zhang Yuhao founded the brand named after himself in 2013, and officially released his first business women’s spring summer collection in 2015, poised to march into the market as the brand founder. Historical elements, tragic characters in novels, rebellious thoughts, and avant-garde performing arts can also be the sources of our brand’s clothing collection. These original languages are shaped into new things through the designer’s individual design and cutting, just like the process of a newborn delivered by design.