Le Fame

Founded in 2013, the contemporary modern brand: LE FAME evolved from an exquisite boutique brand, whose designer graduated from top ranking Italian design institute: Marangoni. In LE FAME, you can find a kind of interpretation of singular and feminine modern style; and realize a distinguished fusion of twin city: Shanghai and Milan through different materials, colors and elements in an unexpected way. Le Fame can embrace various ladies’personalities and body curves through diversified design and personalized tailoring.

Le Fame 现代女装品牌LE FAME于2013年创立,最初是一家上海的老洋房精品店,主创设计师来自世界顶尖三大时装学院之一的意大利米兰马兰欧尼设计学院(Istituto Marangoni)。产品演绎奇异的女性化摩登风格,将上海及米兰的双城意象通过不同材料、色彩和魅力元素出人意料地融合在一起,用充满多元化的设计以及更人性化的剪裁去拥抱在生活中各个层面的女性,最大限度地去包容她们独特的个性与迥异的身体曲线。