Established in 2016, Li Bai is a reflection on the limitation put on fashion by “style”. It weakens the importance of a uniform style for a brand and goes back to the essence of fashion: make clothes fit people. It combines a diverse of modern design elements into high quality textiles. Li Bai objects to the notion of kidnapping the consumers with a uniform value and liberates clothes from meaning. By using simple and intuitive design language, Li Bai reconstructs the natural intimacy that is supposed to exist between human beings and clothes.

LIBAI 里白创立于2016年春天。设计师里白颠覆传统“设计师品牌”过于单一的价值取向,打造出一个符合当下女性日益“身份多元化”品牌。LIBAI 里白的设计语言是现代、趣味、聪颖而又低调的。将设计的重点放在富有趣味的细节,以及出人意表,却又浑然天成的面料应用上,让时装重归理性。用简约易懂的设计语汇,重构人与服装的自然亲近。实现墨子所提倡导的“兼爱非攻”式的理想