Roots Galleria Furniture

Distinguished for its perfect collection of furniture, home supplies, floricultures, coffee and dessert, Roots Galleria Furniture of antique style is a concept store of life style that presents various kinds of furniture and premium fashionable home supplies of industrial, neo-French, and simple modern pattern. The idea of NEXT STANDAR OF LIFESTYLE plays a dominant role in the brand to establish a reliable foundation for reshaping of a new fashionable attitude towards life.

Roots Galleria Furniture 是一个汇集设计师,艺术家和工匠的国际品牌身为家具制造商和策展人,我们的审美侧重于工业复古设计的简单和坚固性,大部分设计作品呈现出过去与现在的完美结合,我们的产品是工匠们将工业复古质感融合与现代材料设计之中制作而成。其不仅反映出工业设计的美感,又体现出城市生活的美好与温馨。对于家具、家居用品、floricultures,其完善的收集著名的咖啡和甜点,根大家具古董风格概念店的生活方式,介绍了各种工业,新的法国家具和高档时尚的家居用品,和简单的现代模式。理念下的标准生活方式中起主导作用的品牌建立一个可靠的基础上重塑一个新的时尚的生活态度。