V-shado.w 品牌创立于2010年。其作品以舒适,随性为前提,为都市女性打造自由自我的行动保护壳。品牌以鲜明的风格,自然的穿搭,得到了众多女星和时尚博主的喜爱。这种慵懒随性的设计感,让设计师一直都在寻找新鲜有趣的元素,不拘泥于风格,并一直保持着 V-shado.w 坚持的态度品牌介绍。

V-shado.w was founded in 2012. Brand put customers’ comfort at first and express free life attitude, create the protection for freedom of self-personalist to the city female. Distinctive style and easy to wear make V-shado.w be popular with many women and fashion bloggers. Free mind let the designer search the interesting element without the limit of style, and keep a V-shado.w fashion attitude.