甫月 fu yue

Blended in Lao zi's "Tao" aesthetics into the designs, break the structure lines to endow each piece to metaphor the essence of itself.“Fuse” Intertemporal Art” with Taoism’s ”natural” aesthetics”; During the creation workshops, we have always set our minds in the presence, trace the aesthetics moments from the daily and picture how it may evolve and impact the next generations. A hint of mystery is then added to our collections, it is simple, is art, is bold, it is. Diversified with no limitations. Breaking the structures, we create intangible warmth.

甫月 fu yue 用服装记录跨越不同80年代的艺术思维,结合老子中心思想,放进21世纪甚至未来的一段成长过程和思维演变。服装设计上,从老子“道法自然”的美学思想出发,将甫月塑造成情感品牌,以灵感来源及内心感受创造出主要的品牌故事。