Singing on the Famous Street

Breaking the rules and combining the upended and displaced elements for complementary purpose: it is the sought-after designing subject of Singing on the Famous Street. The brand regroups the elements of sportswear and formal wear. On the fabric side, it employs a Japanese team for fiber synthesis to revolutionize the texture of finished products. Flavor and subversion are quietly present in each detail, waiting for the savoring and applauds from the audience.

Singing on the Famous Street 打破规则结合颠覆元素,为了迎合在著名大街上唱歌的设计主题,品牌将运用到运动服和礼服。在面料方面,它采用了日本纤维合成,革新的质地,风格和颠覆元素出现在每一个细节,等待来自观众的鼓掌。