The "CHANJINN " brand originates from Beijing Yihamo Trading Co., Ltd. It has the following sub-brands: CHANJINN (a new Chinese-style women's clothing brand with a full range of categories) and Kunshang (a high-end customized brand).

After solidifying the foundation of the high-end customized brand "Kunshang", in 2019, a new Chinese-style women's clothing series with a full range of categories was launched. The "CHANJINN" brand has been steadily promoted through diverse channels such as franchise partners. After three years of precipitation and accumulation, in 2021, the "CHANJINN" brand was comprehensively launched into the market with a full range of categories and whole-store output, quickly winning enthusiastic market response. In April and May 2024, "CHANJINN" participated in the "TCE Shanghai Clothing Customization Exhibition" for the first time and was invited to perform a runway show, showcasing its summer series of clothing.

At the same time, it was awarded the "2024 Popularity Award" and the "New Chinese-style Clothing Design Brand Award." The company's headquarters is located at CHANJINN studio, B130, Songzhuang National Defense Art District, Tongzhou District, Beijing. The company upholds innovation and tradition, presenting consumers with more high-quality clothing options.