RED BLOOD源自一次神秘学的研究。挖 掘香水对人的五感和心理的链接,已嗅觉为引,做好原创神秘学小众哥特感香水。追求中世纪古法制香,拥有国际化视野的主创团队,拥有全球最好的美国IFF萃取的天然植物花蜡,精油,提取物成分调和创香。我们始终坚信,香水是超越国界的语言。


RED BLOOD originated from a study of mysticism. Explore the links of perfume to people's five senses and psychology, and have the sense of smell as the guide, so as to do a good job in the original mystery of Gothic perfume. Our main creative team, with an international perspective and a pursuit of medieval ancient legal fragrances, possesses the world's best natural plant flower wax, essential oils, extract ingredients, and blended fragrances extracted by American IFF. We always believe that perfume is a language that transcends national boundaries.