Calcifer是一个成立于中国上海的香氛品牌,与瑞士百年香氛机构合作,致力于高品位设计调香。它在注重生活品味美学的同时,更关切人们的生活状态、自身修行与成长。Calcifer是自由的星之子,它用属于自己独特的能量与光芒,帮助人们与自然和生活建立更美好的衔接与平衡。"Enjoy the time and be yourself."享受时光,回归自我。


Calcifer, a fragrance brand based in Shanghai, China, collaborates with a century-old fragrance research institution in Geneva, Switzerland. Dedicated to high-quality design perfumery, We are not only emphasizes the aesthetics of life but also cares about people's lifestyles, self-cultivation, and personal growth. Calcifer is the free angle of the stars, uses its unique energy and radiance to help individuals establish a better connection and balance with nature and life. "Enjoy the time and be yourself."