SEED FOR LOVE was founded by visually impaired artist Li Yunbai and his friends.  

The visually impaired face more psychological stress than the average person.  Li Yunbai hopes to share his experience of living with pressure and create more comfortable and interesting fashion art with the unique sharp touch of the visually impaired.  

Gentleness is the attitude of life, just like the body temperature of each person, it is both the balance and adherence of the self, but also the external peace and harmony.  It is also a hope to bring this calm and abundant energy into all aspects of design, fabrics, interactive logic and brand culture, to bring gentleness and beauty to a world that is constantly becoming more confrontational, more lonely, more self-conscious, more extreme and divided.  

Clothes wrap around our bodies and form tactile links with us all the time.  

It also makes extensive use of knitting, embroidery, weaving and small accessories in the design, forming a rich tactile experience, with fresh but not bright colors and gentle curves, forming a unique "multi-perception" style.