SHIJIE诗简品牌诞生于2010年巴黎时装周“中国当代创意展”。以东方艺术的独有精髓:水墨与中国书法作为核心风格灵感来源。以东方美学精神做为指导,融合东、西方造型,采用100%中国桑蚕丝与中国苎麻、棉等纯自然材料,在信仰与方法论上做刚柔并济的设计糅合,以灵动飘逸的美感,在形象上具象的体现出东方精神中浩大、广阔、写意、包容的人文内涵。这是设计师“Shi Jie ”施杰【东方意象】系列作品的设计原发点。

SHIJIE was born in 2010 at Paris Fashion Week's "China Contemporary Creative Exhibition". The unique essence of oriental art: ink and Chinese calligraphy are the core style inspirations. Guided by the spirit of oriental aesthetics, integrating eastern and western shapes, using 100% Chinese mulberry silk and pure natural materials such as Chinese ramie and cotton, and making a design blend of rigidity and softness in faith and methodology, with a smart and elegant beauty, it concretely reflects the vast, broad, freehand and inclusive humanistic connotation of the oriental spirit in the image. This is the original design point of the designer "Shi Jie" Shi Jie's [Oriental Imagery] series of works.