Giaggiolo,意大利语中鸢尾花的意思,它的花语是纯真,美丽,自由和力量,充满了生命力,正如女性所具备的优秀特质一样,所以我们希望我们的服装可以带给所有的女性自由和力量,不被束缚,气质洒脱,独立的自我。区别于法国和意大利那些传统意义上的奢侈品牌,轻奢的定义是:“Affordable Luxury”,也就是可负担得起的奢侈品,也是我们一直努力平衡追求的品牌性价比。

Giaggiolo 面对时尚都市的优雅气质女性,用简洁大方具有立体感的欧洲奢侈品标准的剪裁配以高端舒适的面料,将您的气质衬托的完美无瑕,让您可以在工作,聚会,日常生活等多种场合游刃有余,大方得体。




Giaggiolo, which means iris in Italian, is pure, beautiful, free and powerful, full of vitality, just like women with excellent characteristics, so we hope that our clothes can bring freedom and strength to all women, not bound, free and easy temperament with independent self. Different from the traditional luxury brands in France and Italy, the definition of entry luxury is: "Affordable Luxury", that is,  luxury that can be afforded, which is also the brand cost performance that we have been striving to achieve.


For the elegant women in the fashionable city, Giaggiolo uses the simple and three-dimensional cut in the European luxury standard with high-end and comfortable fabrics to set off your perfect temperament, so that you can be comfortable and decent in various occasions like work, parties, daily life.


We use high-quality customized fabrics and first-line luxury technology to carefully make every product. Our European design center and local independent designers work closely together for use original design.




Niche Giaggiolo makes you more outstanding.