CONSISTENCE 是2015年创立于伦敦的独立设计师品牌。品牌致力于服装的本质,运用经典男装的元素,融合现代富有诗意的版型和廓形,在经典轮廓与前卫设计中调和完美的比例。品牌于2017年在全球设计师中脱颖而出,得到ARMANI先生与米兰时装公会的联合赞助,赴邀于米兰时装周官方日程走秀。2018年与名堂Magmode成立男装品牌UNSUNG。本次23冬于时堂首次推出成衣女装系列。


CONSISTENCE is a London based contemporary designer label funded in 2015, the collections strike a balance between casual and formal with a fusion of poetic elements, blending classic styles with contemporary accents. Modernity and sophistication are the foundation of CONSISTENCE

In 2017 the label was chosen by Mr. GIORGIO ARMANI and sponsored my Mr. ARMANI and Milan Fashion Council to present a runway show on official schedule. 

In 2018 created a menswear label UNSUNG with Magmode. In 2023 showing debut womenswear collection in Showroom Shanghai.