设计师潮牌CLJD, 将科技与时尚融合,其产品设计贯穿“变”的理念,以3D打印辅助设计,把生活多彩的奢华元素与时尚流行进行全新的诠释,将科技与时尚融合的独特潮流设计呈现,创造出自己独特的时尚,迎合众多消费者对产品个性化的喜爱,在欧洲一经推出便收到广大消费者的追捧。每款产品前期均由专业设计师们通过3D建模设计制作,只为cljd能完美的展现在消费者前面。Cljd 品牌创始人兼设计师虞沙鸥,拥有15年以上设计经验,强大的工业设计团队为cljd注入了强劲的动力,只致力于给大家带来更多极具设计感、富有创造力、奢华、独特、高调冲击视觉的不凡潮品。


Designer’s street fashion CLJD is a brand that goes through the concept of “change”, combining with science-technology and fashion. Assisting with 3D printing tech, CLJD has created its own unique style and keep brand-newing the interpretation of colorful magnificent elements in life and the popularity in fashion, showing its unique fusion of science-technology and fashion. It caters well to customers’ requirements on customization products. Therefore, it earned a great deal of consumer’s fancy as soon as it’s launched in Europe. Each product is designed by professional designers and made through 3D modeling in the early stage, only for a perfect display to consumers.

CLJD founder Shaou Yu, also a designer himself, possesses a 15-year plus design experience. He teamed up a strong design team which continues to inject a great dynamic blood into CLJD, dedicating to bring extraordinary street style, which is with a great sense of design, innovative, extravagant, unique and eyes-catching.