New ooo Neutral诞生于2021年,追求低调而精致,自信且舒适的穿衣态度与乐观的人生信条。严苛的材质选择及对版型的极致追求,与可持续观念贯穿品牌产品研发的始终。设计师模糊性别及年龄界限,聚焦于探索纯粹的美感呈现,借助精益求精的版型和多元的设计手法打磨既实用又时髦的现代造型,注重舒适性与品质感及环境友好的产品,全力打造使消费者能够放心购买的可持续品牌,提供品味高级,且不会过时的着装选择。


New ooo Neutral was born in 2021, pursuing a low-key and exquisite, confident and comfortable dressing attitude and optimistic life creed. Rigorous material selection and the ultimate pursuit of version, and the concept of sustainability run through the brand product development. Designers blur gender and age boundaries, focus on exploring pure aesthetic presentation, Polish practical and fashionable modern shapes with the help of refined version and diversified design techniques, pay attention to comfort, quality and environment-friendly products, and strive to create a sustainable brand that consumers can buy with confidence, providing high-grade and timeless clothing choices.

At present, Direct stores and high-quality buyer stores are the main retail channels at this stage, and the customers include women and men in this style. Customers have their own labels that love fashion, pay attention to quality of life, and like art.