M-WINE...是一个以首饰为媒介,去叙说人与自然的关系、人与人的故 事、人与物的情感的“生活用品”品牌。

“ M-WINE...”, 意为“ME&MINE...”。她是一句不完整的话,设计师把省略 号背后的故事留给佩戴者去填写,让佩戴者赋予她灵魂。她能被翻译成只属 于佩戴者的专属意思:“我的个性”、“我的语言”、“我的名字”... 这是 M-WINE...”与佩戴者的故事。

 品牌选择保留银子最初的模样,银白的她以她独有的“原本、自然、舒适” 的气质呈现在您的手中。她与我们的肌肤亲密无间,银材质本身的氧化和软 的特质记录了她与您之间的岁月痕迹,希望她能成为您身体上、情感上和生 活上的一部分。

 M-WINE...的品牌定位是针对于对首饰材质与首饰佩戴耐磨性有要求的客户。品牌希望把首饰作为日常用品去佩戴,每一款产品的佩戴寿命不只限于 一个季度,MIMINE…坚持自然可持续发展,不生产因潮流季度而被淘汰的产 品,遵循着每一个产品都能够被长期“使用”的原则去创作。

 而M-WINE...选择的工艺与材质是想回归自然质感,坚持用银作为首饰的原 料,刻意保留铸造银的原始质感,结合局部抛光工艺与烧白工艺来设计。 a "daily necessities" brand that uses jewelry as a medium to describe the relationship between people and nature, the stories between people, and the emotions between people and things.

"M-WINE...", meaning "ME&MINE...". That is an incomplete word, which left by the designer with the story behind the ellipsis to the wearer to fill in and let the customer put a spirit in it. She can be translated into meanings that belong only to the wearer: "my personality", "my language", "my name"... This is the story of "M-WINE..." and the customer.

The brand crafts the original appearance of raw silver, and she is presented in your hands with her unique "original, natural and comfortable" temperament. She is intimate with our skin, and the oxidation and softness of the silver material itself record the traces of the years between her and you, hoping that she will become a part of your physical, emotional and life.

The brand positioning of aimed at customers who have requirements for jewelry material and wear resistance of jewelery.

The brand hopes to wear jewelery as a daily necessity. The wearing life of each product is not limited to one season. M-WINE...adheres to natural and sustainable development, does not produce products that are eliminated due to the trend of the season, and follows that each product can be used for a long time. "Use" principle to create.

M-WINE...chooses the craftsmanship and material to return to the natural texture, insists on using silver as the raw material for jewelry, deliberately retains the original texture of cast silver, and combines partial polishing and whitening to design.