品牌故事源⾃于《莱瑟塔档案》,是蜥蜴⼈造访地球的纪实档案,她代表⼀切神秘迷⼈强⼤有⼒的⼥性,品牌的时尚icon ⼀向是忠于⾃⼰的所谓“恶⼥”,她们不再压抑与牺牲个⼈诉求,不再追求温顺乖巧的形象,有的只是野蛮⽣⻓的不被任何裹挟的⽣命⼒,⼀切追寻美的源头⼀定是⾃我欣赏与满⾜。




Lacerta, founded in Shanghai, China in 2021, was a brand independently founded by Sihui Wang.


The brand story originates from the《lacerta files》 which is the documentary file of lizard woman's visit to the earth. She represents all mysterious, charming, powerful women. The fashion icon of the brand was always been the so-called "evil women" who were loyal to themselves. They do not suppress and sacrifice their personal demands, and no longer show a docile and clever image to others, but pursue the vitality of savage growth without any coercion,.The designer thought the source of all pursuit of beauty must be self appreciation and satisfaction.


The designer is good at usingh the unique method of combining deconstruction and tailoring, pays attention to rigorous process details and advanced fabric texture.She is committed to the artistic expression of current fashion culture, and integrates the strong silhouette tailoring with the soft sense of hierarchy to create a unique new dark lust style.