Tapioca Boutique 2019年由Joycee Liu创立于北京,是一个专注于巴洛克异形珍珠和肌理感金属的手工男女配饰设计师品牌。“Old Meets New”是Tapioca  Boutique的关键理念,“老器新用”,让文艺复兴时期盛行的巴洛克珍珠重新具有摩登的时代属性。杂糅了古典艺术的浪漫自由与近现代时代宠儿的桀骜不驯,让过去的与现在的一切进行碰撞与交流,并永远怀有一种特立独行的反叛精神。

Tapioca Boutique的每款单品都带着那么点儿“不屑”,没有特定的年代属性或传统意义上的风格界限。是一种融合,是狂放直白、复古且酷。以一种原始的方式,呈现现代自如的生活态度。虽是取材于古典艺术,却带来摩登街头潮范儿的美学体验。无论男女都能通过Tapioca Boutique的单品挖掘出自己压抑已久的真我个性。

Tapioca Boutique is a handcrafted accessories brand specializing in baroque pearls and texture metals,founded by Joycee Liu in Beijing in 2019 . "Old Meets New" is the key concept of Tapioca Boutique, "老器新用“ baroque pearls was prevailing in the Renaissance but now should be regained in a new way of modern style. It is a mixture of the romantic freedom of classical art and the wildness of modern cool people . Let the past collide and communicate with the present , and always harbors a maverick rebellious spirit.

Every single item of Tapioca Boutique carries a certain degree of "disdain," with no specific chronological attributes or traditional stylistic boundaries. It’s a fusion, It's wild, straightforward, retro and cool. Presenting the modern attitude in a primitive way. Although it is based on classical arts, it brings the aesthetic experience of fashionable street style. Both men and women could tap into their repressed true selves through Tapioca Boutique.